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The ten honorable titles of the Buddha.


The first title is "Nyorai",

which literally means,
"One Who Has Come From The World of Truth". This title signifies that the Buddha embodies the fundamental truth of all phenomena and has grasped the law of cause and effect which permeates past, present and future.

The second title is "Ogu",

which means
"One Who Is Qualified to Receive Offering From the People".


The third is "Shohenchi",

which signifies
"One Endowed With All-encompassing Perfect Wisdom and Who Comprehends All Phenomena Equally and Correctly". In other words, he knows everything perfectly.


The fourth is "Myogyosoku",

which means
"one who Sees the Truth and follows the Way Satisfactorily So That He Can Benefit Others".


Fifth is "Zenzei",
which means,
"One Who Has Freed Himself From Illusion with Wisdom and Reached the State of Buddhahood Through His Practice of the Eightfold Path". In other words, he knows how he is going to arrive at the world of enlightenment.

The sixth is "Sekinge",
which means,
"One Who Understands All Secular and Religious Affairs".
Seventh is "Mujoshi",
which means,
"One Who is Unsurpassed by Anyone Else". In other words, he stands supreme among all people.

Eighth is "Jogojobu",
which means,
"One who Instructs and Leads All People to Enlightenment".

Ninth is "Tenninshi",
which means,
"One Who Is Able to Guide All People to Their Teacher".

Tenth and last is "Butsu-Seson", or Buddha,
which means,
"One Who is an Awakened One, Endowed With Perfect Wisdom and Virtue", and he is honored by all people in the world.