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    Vigy Fuglsang

Vigy Fuglsang.




In the therapeutic process I strive to appreciate, support and nourish that which is life affirmative and has found the way through all what we have handled in life.  
And with that as a starting point to be able to process the difficult or challenging parts, and take the next step of learning or change.  


The approach is explorative with emphasis on empathy, human warmth and clarity.

Working with permission for the different interventions and steps in the process, is one aspect of clarity, and that, off course, you always have the possibility of a choice.
And another aspect of clarity is our consciousness and awareness, that is a crucial part of our ability to create change in our lives and existence.  


My therapeutic work is primarily aimed for adults with a normal level of function, which means without need for psychiatric treatment.  


My therapeutic background is rooted in several different traditions.  

In the recent years I have trained in methods, which are based on the newest research and evidence around how our psyche and body are interconnected to the being we are, through our body and mind and not the least our awareness and higher intelligence.  


In the clinical work with trauma and developmental psychology, I specially appreciate the training with Laurence Heller in the method NARM (Neuro Affective Relational Model) for giving me insight and understanding in working with developmental trauma.    

As well as the training in Neuro Affective Psychotherapy (NAP) and the Neuro Affective Compasses developed by Susan Hart and Marianne Bentzen.


I am certified to work with treatment of chok- and situational trauma with Somatic Experiencing (SE), developed by Peter Levine.  


I am also trained by Jette Simon to work with couples therapy.  

The training is primarily through Sue Johnsons method Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) and also through the Imago method developed by Harville Hendrix.  


An important and very deep inspiration to my work comes through the training with Jette Simon, and her appreciative and very warm way of modeling Carl Rogers humanistic Psychology.  


I attend regular supervision, for the couples therapy as well as  for the individual work.


I took my basic steps as therapist partly with the cathartic therapies with Veeresh at the Humaniversity in Holland and with the primal therapists Svarup and Premartha de Koning in Italy, and partly with the meditative therapies at Osho Multiversity International in India.  


I have never the less found my true alignment with the modern therapeutic methods that clearly and naturally addresses the functioning of our autonomous nerve system and our instincts.  


I have been interested in personal growth throughout my grown up life, and


I have found great inspiration with the Indian Master Osho, and his very clear teachings about meditation and our human consciousness and potential.     






SE - Somatic Experiencing

With &

Stockholm 2019 - 2022 & Copenhagen 2018 - 2019

NAA - Neuro Affective Analysis With Susan Hart & Marianne Bentzen Copenhagen 2018 & 2021 & 2023
NARM - Neuro Affective Relation Model With Laurence Heller Copenhagen, Denmark 2017-2018
NAP - Neuro Affective Psychotherapy With Susan Hart & Marianne Bentzen Kalundborg, Denmark 2016
EFT - Emotional Focused Couples Therapy With Kathryn Rheem & Jette Simon Stockholm, Sweden/Copenhagen, Denmark 2013-2015

Imago Couple Therapist

With Jette Simon Copenhagen, Denmark 2012-2013

Twice Born Chilhood Deconditioning &

Primal Deconditioning training

With Svarup & Premartha

Afroz OMC, Greece 2008 &

Miasto OMC, Italy 2009-2011

Life coach & Business coach With Sofia Manning Copenhagen, Denmark 2006-2007
One year  intensive training The Humaniversity Egmond Zee, Holland 2004-2005
AUM Leader training The Humaniversity Egmond Zee, Holland 1999
Facilitator Meditative therapies Mystic Rose/NO Mind Osho International Meditation Resort Pune, India 1997-1998
Meditation Counselor Osho International Meditation Resort Pune, India 1996



Since the 1980's to 1995 I have also worked as a consultant, project- and IT-manager  in computer- and administration development projects as well as projects of transfering technology for the World Bank in Bangladesh.

My professional career peeked with this assignment in Bangladesh. During that time I saw the living conditions in the development countries. My understanding about life and life circumstances for human beings reached a crucial point. I decided to change my vocation and start working with people.

My work is rooted in my joy and it is at the same time a process of my own development towards higher understandings and deeper insights ; how to be human and realize the potential, that is given with human consciousness.

I express my personal experiences of life through Haiku poetry that I create as a diary of moments with inspiration from the wonder of life.