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Tuition For Intuition

To Live & To Let Go



Individual Sessions


You are always welcome to contact me and find out if I can be of any help for you reagrding the problem or symptom you struggle with.


For the process or treatment to have an effect, it will require that we meet for a period of time with regular intervals.
Together we will decide what is possible and appropriate for you.


I work primarily through an explorative approach through dialogue.


During the talk we will include the feelings that we are talking about and not the least what your body and nervous system responds with in the process.

That means it is a slow conversation, where i will support you in noticing and being in contact with your body sensations and feelings along the way.


In the therapeutic process I strive to appreciate, support and nourish that which is life affirmative and has found the way through all what we have handled in life.  
And with that as a starting point to be able to process the difficult or challenging parts, and take the next step of learning or change. 
The approach is explorative with emphasis on empathy, human warmth and clarity.
Working with permission for the different interventions and steps in the process, is one aspect of clarity.
And another aspect of clarity is our consciousness and awareness, that is a crucial part of our ability to create change in our lives and existence. 
My therapeutic work is primarily aimed for adults with a normal level of function, which means without need for psychiatric evaluation and/or treatment/medication.



All courses start with an interview/talk.



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