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Tuition For Intuition

To Live & To Let Go



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NARM - Healing through development  


Just as a plant spontaneously moves towards sunlight,
there is in each of us an impulse moving toward connection and healing.

It is a proces where we start with what is working for you, and how you find your way in the world and in your life. From there we explore, together, what it is ,that gets in the way, and what it is that you feel you need to get a helping hand with.
In other words: You are Ok, since you are here, and you survived...
and there is more to learn and more life to expand towards and to feel the joy of life, that is there, (even it may be covered by many and difficult experiences in life!))
We work with five basic themes and development points in the process:
 Developmentpoint / Theme    Corresponding survival strategy
- Contact  

Shutting off from contact 

Shutting off from the body and Social engagement


- Attunement & Needs



Shutting off from feeling ones needs and expressing them freely


- Trust
& Healthy dependence



Not trusting others/believing in others and shutting off from healthy dependency


- Autonomy

& Healthy independence



Shutting off from real/authentic expression of one self and
responding the way we believe others would expect


- Love & Sexuality  

Shutting off from love and the connection to the heart

Shutting off from sexuality and pleasure

Shutting off from the connection between the heart and sexuality


 "The goal of the Neuro Affective Relational Model (NARM)

is to work with the...
nervous system dysregulation,
disruptions in attachment, and
distortions in identity...
while never losing sight of and
supporting the development of a healthy capacity for connection and aliveness."

(Laurence Heller & LaPierre)





Couple therapy 


EFT and Imago - The Dance of Love


Are you stuck? Do you have endless discussions? Are you quarrelling? Having affairs? Having doubts? Feeling unsettled? Is parenthood overwhelming you? Do you feel that love has faded away? Or do you want to do something to avoid it? 


In the safe and appreciative atmosphere of couple talks and couple therapy it is so much easier...
To find your way...

To feel heard by the other. To listen and to understand...

To meet and feel the attraction and love that has brought you together.


Couple talks and couple therapy based on the methods of EFT and Imago has proven very efficient to create lasting change for couples that wish to find their way with the challenges of the intimate relationship


A dialogue where you and your partner have the opportunity to experience how it is, when you feel seen, listened to and understood by each other.


The EFT and Imago concept provides a very clear and well structured process, which gives you the opportunity for new insights about each other, and the possibility to deepen your connection and your relation. A possibility to regain that which you experienced in your original meeting of attraction and curiosity.


As a therapist I offer a space of acceptance and appreciation. I am convinced that we are all OK, at this point we have reached by now, and at the same time: There is more to learn. And the gesture of reaching out for a helping hand in situations and times of life where we are challenged is a healthy and natural response.


The first session is an introduction to the concept of EFT and gives the possibility for a dialogue about your wishes for a longer course.

A course needs a commitment of minimum 4 sessions in order to give you a deeper experience of what is actually possible for you in this process, and to establish a clear base for the further porcess.

A session lasts typically 1½-2 hours.


Take a moment to watch this video, and listen to Sue Johnson, who invented the EFT method.






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